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How to Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

Don’t know if you have enough funds to purchase that item on Amazon? You can check your Amazon gift card balance either on the Amazon site or on the Amazon mobile app, along with the history of cards you’ve redeemed.

Check Your Gift Card Balance on the Amazon Website

Use the official Amazon website to view the balance of your gift card on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer.

Firstly, open the Amazon website on your computer using your web browser. Sign in with your Amazon account.

How to Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance
How to Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

You can expand the “Account & Lists” menu by hovering your mouse over it in the top-right corner of Amazon.

Choose “Account” from the menu that appears.

Select “Gift Cards” from the “Your Account” page that appears.

Your gift card balance will be displayed next to “Your Gift Card Balance” on the next page.

Click the “Redeem a Gift Card” button to add a gift card to your account.

The value of your redeemed gift cards can be found on your account page if you scroll down the page.

So get out there and use those gift cards! It may be more convenient to find products directly sold by Amazon rather than through third-party sellers.

Check Your Gift Card Balance on the Amazon Mobile App

Utilize the Amazon mobile app to check your gift card balance if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

You will first need to open the Amazon app. Once the app has opened, sign in to your account. Tap the icon for your account at the bottom.

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Go to the “Gift Card Balance” section of the account page that opens. You can see the balance of the gift card on your Amazon account here.

You can view the gift cards you have added to your account by tapping the “Manage” link next to “Gift Card Balance.”.

Click on “Your Balance Activity” to view the available gift cards. Your redeemed gift cards will be listed here, along with their values.

This is how you know if your gift card balance will allow you to purchase an item on Amazon. Enjoy your shopping!

Is there an Amazon gift card you don’t intend to use? Check out the many ways you can convert your gift card to cash.

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