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How to Close Apps on an iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini do not typically require you to close apps. They stay suspended when you switch away, using minimal resources. It’s easy to force an iOS app to close if it’s malfunctioning. Follow these steps.

How to Close Apps on an iPhone 12

Only Close Malfunctioning Apps

Most iOS apps do not need to be closed manually, as previously mentioned. According to Apple’s iOS operating system, this is done automatically. It is important to remember that closing your suspended apps regularly will cause your iPhone to slow down and reduce its battery life.

You might need to force close a malfunctioning application or restart it completely for troubleshooting purposes. In those cases, it’s okay to force restart the app occasionally.

How to Force an App to Close on iPhone 12

It would be best to open the app switcher first on your iPhone 12 to close an app. To reach the middle of the screen, swipe upwards from the bottom edge. Lift your finger when you get to the middle.

The process is a little tricky at first, but if you manage it, you’ll see thumbnail images that represent the apps running on your iPhone (or suspended).

Click the thumbnail of the app you wish to close and swipe left or right until you find it. You can close the app by flicking it upward to close it.

You will no longer see the thumbnail, and the app will fully close. If you want to close any other apps, you can repeat this upward swipe.

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Restart your phone, run a system update, or update the app itself if you are still having trouble. I hope this helps!

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