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How to Convert a PowerPoint to Google Slides

How to Convert a PowerPoint to Google Slides

Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint are both solid presentation creators. Google Slides maybe your favorite. Let’s say you have a PowerPoint presentation (a PPTX file) that you wish to convert to Google Slides. Here are three ways to accomplish this.

How to Convert a PowerPoint to Google Slides
How to Convert a PowerPoint to Google Slides

Convert a PowerPoint by Uploading to Google Slides

By uploading a PowerPoint presentation directly to Google Slides, you can convert the presentation. You can then open it in Slides, make your changes, and it will automatically save.

You can start a new presentation by clicking “Blank” below Start a New Presentation on Google Slides’ main page.

Click the File > Open menu item to open the Blank presentation.

Select the Upload tab from the pop-up window. Alternatively, you may click “Select a File From Your Device” or drag your PPTX file onto the window.

Google Slides will automatically open the slideshow as your active presentation. It will be named the same as the PowerPoint file. Changing it is as simple as clicking on the text in the upper left corner.

The slideshow will be ready for you to edit or present. The presentation automatically saves any changes you make, so there is no need to do anything extra to keep it as a Google Slides file.

You can view your presentation in the list on the Google Slides main page. Google Drive also gives you access to your presentation.

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Convert PowerPoint by Importing to Google Slides

Alternatively, you can import your presentation from PowerPoint into Google Slides. If you don’t want the entire production, you can select just the slides you want to convert.

From the Google Slides main screen, select “Blank.” To import slides into the untitled presentation, click File > Import Slides.

Choose Upload from the drop-down list. Select, select, and open a PowerPoint slideshow file by dragging it onto the window or clicking “Select a File From Your Device.”

Click on each slide you wish to use in Google Slides when the Import Slides window appears. Click “All” on the top right next to Select Slides to use them all.

You can also keep the original theme from the presentation by checking the box on the bottom right. Once the slides have been selected, click “Import Slides.”

You can rename the slide by clicking its name to the left of the presentation when the falls are open. If the display is untitled, it will be renamed by default.

Google Slides or Google Drive will let you access the converted presentation once you’ve saved the changes.

For custom slide printing, you can also convert PowerPoint presentations to Word files.

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Convert PowerPoint by Uploading to Google Drive

You can also upload a PowerPoint file to Google Drive to convert it to Google Slides. If you already have Google Drive open, this might be a more convenient method.

Select “File Upload” from the “New” menu on the top left of the Google Drive page.

Click “Open” after choosing your PowerPoint file.

Once the File has been uploaded to Google Drive, right-click it and choose Open With > Google Slides.

There is a PowerPoint file next to the name at the top left of the presentation, but it will open in Google Slides.

You can convert it by clicking File> Save as Google Slides.

After converting a PowerPoint file, you can remove it from your Google Drive by right-clicking it and selecting “Remove.”

Would you prefer the opposite? If so, check out our Google Slides to PowerPoint conversion guide.

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