How to screenshot on an ASUS laptop

How to screenshot on an ASUS laptop + other useful shortcuts

Realizing how to utilize shortcodes on your PC can make things a ton simpler. With ASUS workstations, there are various alternate ways that merit realizing that can assist you with completing things speedier.

One normal inquiry with ASUS workstations is about how you can take a screen capture, as it isn’t in every case clear how to do this. On certain PCs it’s basic, while on others it tends to be more hard to take the screen capture you need.

Fortunately it’s in reality lovely simple. Thus, we’re demonstrating how to take a screen capture on an ASUS PC, just as some different alternate ways that you ought to presumably know as well.

How to screenshot on an ASUS laptop
How to screenshot on an ASUS laptop

The most effective method to screen capture on an ASUS PC

There are distinctive ways that you can take screen captures on an ASUS PC. Also, it truly relies upon what you need to catch. This is the outdated technique that will deal with practically any Windows gadget.

The principal thing that you need to do to take a screen capture on an ASUS is to press the PrtSc key on your console. This will activity your print screen.

Then, at that point, you’ll need to glue your screen capture into a type of proofreader. You can do this in Photoshop, or on the other hand assuming you don’t have Photoshop, into Paint.

After you’ve opened whichever of these virtual products you need to utilize, then, at that point simply press Ctrl+V, which is the glue alternate route. Furthermore, presto! You’ve made a screen capture on your ASUS PC.

This strategy for taking a screen capture on your ASUS PC will chip away at any Windows delivery, and it’s incredible for more seasoned PCs.

Be that as it may, on more current Windows 8 and Windows 10 models, you can really take a screen capture in an easier manner than this.

How to take a screenshot on Windows 10

You would truly prefer not to invest your energy saving and glue the screen capture. On more up to date workstations, you don’t really even need to do this.

Assuming you need to take a screen capture on Windows 8 or Windows 10, then, at that point you should simply press the PrtSc key and the Windows key simultaneously as one another.

This will take a screen capture of your whole screen. From here, you can undoubtedly get to your screen captures organizer in your archives to discover your screen capture.

The working framework that your utilizing shouldn’t make a big deal about an alternate, with the exception of you’ll have to adjust it in case you’re utilizing another OS. On a Chromebook, you’ll presumably have a somewhat unique method of doing this, however it ought to be genuinely direct.

Be that as it may, this solitary reveals to us how to get one of the whole screen. You probably shouldn’t get a screen capture of the entire page. Fortunately this isn’t the lone way that you can take a screen capture on an ASUS PC, as you can likewise take a screen capture of simply a chose space of the screen.

How to take a screenshot of the window you’re on

You can likewise take a screen capture of simply the Window that you right now have open rather than the entire screen. This can be a superior decision for those that need a more expert screen capture, as this generally looks better compared to taking one of the full screen.

You can do this by squeezing the PrtSc key, Windows key and the Alt key all simultaneously. This will take a screen capture of the Window you’re on as it were. It’s a decent method to get a more modest screen capture without having to utilizing the clipping device.

How to take a custom sized screenshot

Another way that you can take a screen capture is simply by chosen part of the screen yourself with the yield or clipping apparatus. This is truly valuable for disconnecting portions of the screen without getting the whole page.

You can do this on Windows 10 just, by squeezing Windows key, Shift and the S key simultaneously. Then, at that point, you can utilize your trackpad or mouse to choose a piece of the screen to have a chance on. Contingent upon your PC, you could possibly do this by utilizing Fn and F11, as well.

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Other Useful Shortcut Keys

It’s not just the screen capture easy route that you can use to make your life simpler. There are a couple of different alternate ways which everybody should know whether they have an ASUS PC.

Fn + F12 = MyASUS – My ASUS is the most helpful alternate way key that you have on an ASUS PC. In here, you can really dole out the entirety of the diverse console keys as you wish to, giving F5 and F6 joined with another key a simple method to dispatch an order. Thus, this is presumably the main alternate way key on an ASUS PC.

Fn + F2 = Airplane Mode – For some explanation on Macbooks, they don’t have an easy route key for going into Airplane mode. In any case, with ASUS workstations and numerous Windows PCs by and large, you can go into Airplane mode by basically squeezing Fn + F2.

Fn + F8 = Display Mode – If you utilize a few diverse showcases with your gadget, then, at that point this alternate route key will prove to be useful. This permits you to flip between your screens, and is quite possibly the most valuable keys on an ASUS PC.


Ideally this has assisted you with figuring out how to take a screen capture on an ASUS PC. Assuming you’re keen on getting an ASUS, look at Spacehop’s manual for the best ASUS PCs available. They offer very great benefit as PCs go, so it very well may merit thinking about putting resources into another one.

There are diverse approaches to take a screen capture, however with more current forms of Windows accessible, it becomes simpler and simpler to do as such.

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