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How to Use the Apple Watch Dock

Apple Watches come with docks, didn’t you know? You can access recent apps and favorite apps by using this handy menu. Customizing it to suit your needs is well worth the effort since it is entirely customizable.

Where Is the Apple Watch Dock?

An Apple Watch side button can be used to access the Dock. The long flat button next to the digital crown (used to access the main Apple Watch app menu) is not the digital crown.

How to Use the Apple Watch Dock

Using your finger or rotating the digital crown, you can navigate a list of apps. You can use the Dock in two primary ways: as a “history” of the apps you’ve used recently or as a static menu of favorites you can launch without having to navigate through all of your apps.

On the Dock, you’ll find the “All Apps” button, which takes you to the regular Apple Watch menu (generally accessed with a tap on the digital crown).

Double-tapping the side button on your Apple Watch allows you to access your Wallet. If you hold down the side button, the Watch feature can be turned off, medical ID displayed, or call emergency services. Holding down the button for a long enough period will sound an alarm and call for assistance.

Customize the Dock to Make It More Useful

If you launch the Watch app on your iPhone and tap Dock at the top of the list, you can switch between a static dock of favorite items and your last-used apps. To view a list of recent apps you have used, tap “Recent”; to set up your favorite apps, tap “Favorites.”

To choose your apps for a static dock, tap “Edit” in the top-right corner of the screen:

Apps can be removed using the red “minus” icon, and new apps can be added using the green “plus” icon:

You can move apps up or down the list by clicking the Rearrange button to the right of an app (three vertical lines). Put your most-used apps at the top of the Dock, and the order you choose will determine how they appear.

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Adding apps to the Dock on the Watch includes some functions that do not behave like apps but can be accessed in this way, such as Now Playing and Wallet. Whenever you make changes, your Watch will update in real-time, and the Dock will appear, disappear, and move around as you adjust it.

A Feature You Could Have Missed

Compared to other wearable features, Apple doesn’t make much of a fuss over the Dock. It is most helpful in pinning the Now Playing app in a convenient location since that feature frequently disappears when you need it.

There are some other helpful Apple Watch tips and tricks that you might have missed.

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